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Posted by fifa 18 ultimate team tricks on Dec 08 2017 at 02:13AM PST

he record of Cristiano Ronaldo in the last two years is enviable. Champion of the Eurocopa with Portugal, two times champion of the Champions, maximum goleador of the continental match, champion of the League, champion of the Supercopa Europe by double game and champion of the Supercopa of Spain. He also won the Club World Cup with Real Madrid you can have him in your ultimate team with FIFA 18 Free Points generator.

Favorite to win his fifth Golden Ball this year, which would equal the Argentinian Lionel Messi, Ronaldo already struck a first blow to his archrival of Barcelona in the perception of millions of people.

In addition to being the best player in the game, Ronaldo is also his cover image . And is that the Portuguese striker got the highest rating in the FIFA 18 coin generator, the popular video game that will be released on 29 September.

Ronaldo obtained a classification of 94 points , surpassing in one Messi, who occupied the second place.

According to EA Sports, the creator and developer of FIFA, the star of Real Madrid overcomes the Barcelona player in speed, shot, in the defensive aspect and in his physique. Messi, meanwhile, dominates the dribble and passes.

Beyond personal preferences, it is difficult to question the assessment between the two best players on the planet in the list that was released this week on the 100 best players in the game .

In her they appear names that the majority of the soccer fans know, although there are absences of weight and some qualifications already have generated controversy.


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